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Goodies in the mail

Between work, errand running and studying Chinese1 I shouldn’t have anytime to think about what I will or will not miss while I’m in Nanjing. But, as luck would have it, the order I placed with Direct Gardening found its way to my door sometime before I got home and I was instantly reminded that I would have very little to do with their happy sprouting lives for at least two years.

The goodies!

The goodies!

The good people of Direct Gardening split my order in two and sent all the freebies I qualified for ahead of my X’mas cactii and Starfish plants, which included 4 Iron Cross oxalis, 3 peacock orchids and 10 blue poppy anemones2.  These will have to go upstate immediately for planting. Hopefully they’ll have enough time to take root and bloom while I’m still here.

Now, the ten thousand RMB question: If I get myself a plant that I can’t bear to part with whilst I’m on the “Far Side” of the world, can I bring it back with me?

  1. Does listening to Chinese radio count? KISS Radio []
  2. Oxalis deppeii (tetraphylla), Gladiolus callianthis, Anemone coronaria []