Errands and Hong Kong on the horizon!

I spent yesterday the day before yesterday running around trying to finish last minute preparations for my trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan. It started unfortunately with a trip to the repair office of Wen Dian Xing to fix my electronic dictionary1. And I won’t be able to pick it up before the Taiwan leg of my trip since the parts haven’t arrived and the rep in the office informed me that not only had I smashed the screen, but the pressure sensitive panel underneath needed to be fixed too. Well, a 789 RMB electronic dictionary just became 230 RMB more expensive with that bill2 . And I’m going to be dictionary-less when I’m in Taiwan surrounded by traditional characters that make my head hurt after four months of simplified characters..

I found this tasty morsel across the street from Wen Dian Xing's repair office...a pity it's so far from the Center.

I found this tasty morsel across the street from Wen Dian Xing's repair office...a pity it's so far from the Center.

Anyhow, my day ended with an un-successful shopping trip to Xinjiekou. It’s hard to pick things out for young people and family…so I think I’ll probably stick to desserts from Hong Kong and find something trendy for the young’uns there too.

Oh! And I couldn’t help but snap a picture of this LG advertisement I found in the subway:

Now...what do you think that pyramid of cards symbolizes?

Now...what do you think that house of cards symbolizes?

My immediate thought was that China can be likened to this house of cards sitting on top of a washing machine. Look how modern and beautiful the model is! Look how technologically advanced this washer is! No vibrations at all, nothing to worry about China’s economic success being fragile, because advancements are being made all the time and that will make up for the uncertainty of the entire country’s future.  Please buy this LG washer! (And have some expensive European coffee in an Hermès while you browse! On the house, we promise!)

  1. I smashed the screen somehow about a week ago… []
  2. My Wen Dian Xing is a S101 model. It has the appearance of an iPhone, but the input is much more clumsy. Had I known and realized it when I bought it at Sunning, I would have spent my money on something else. Alas. []

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