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Cherry blossoms and the attack of springtime pollen

This is kind of a back-post, since I made the excursion to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens last Tuesday back in April1. The weather did a flip-flop in the past couple of days, but the warm spell did force the cherry blossoms into peak bloom last week. They must all be fallen by now.

Cherry trees all in a rowCherry Blossoms

It was absolutely amazing walking beneath the sakura trees. Warm and sunny, I couldn’t stop sneezing and that destroyed some of the charm. (I must have been a pretty funny sight, trying to take pictures and holding my nose at the same time–oh dear!) I was–and still am!–intensely jealous of all the people who could spend the entire day out on the Cherry Esplanade.

Cherry Blossoms

I also couldn’t stop flashing back to a class I took at Vassar with Tsuchiya-sensei on Japanese Gothic literature. There was a story we read that featured sakura in full bloom with petals falling all around. Very eerie and very scary. And though I can’t remember quite what it was about, vestiges of the story remain so that I was delightfully chilled under the cherry trees.

Filtered by cherries

Well…at least, it was chilling until I started sneezing again2.


This weekend is going to be dedicated to cleaning out my rooms and making them presentable so that when my landlord shows them to the prospective renter, they won’t be scared away by the mess.  But I think I’m going to try making a second trip to the BBG (With an exotic cocktail of anti-allergy medicines of course!) for the remnants of the flowers.

Cherry Blossoms

  1. It always surprises me how quickly a month can sail by, though it I credit the fact that April was the month before a critical deadline in the office and so I didn’t really pay attention to anything but work for four weeks []
  2. I really really really hope I’m not affected by allergies this badly when I’m in Nanjing []