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What to do this Friday?

With less than five months to go before I ship out…I am determined to live up every Friday evening with something fun and different! I missed posting last weekend, so before I blast off for this weekend, I’d better recap.

Last Friday, I had a wonderful evening catching up at Ivo & Lulu with a friend who is attending medical school here in the City. While the ambiance was lovely (and most importantly, the company as well), the meal portions were a little less than filling. We started with their Escargots Saut├ęs–snails served in a pernod, cayenne-curry sauce. This was absolutely divine! I would have been happy with just that and hunks of French bread. Main course was Saucisses de Lapin–tasty rabbit and ginger sausages in carrot-miso cream. I’d originally ordered the boar and sage sausages (Saucisses de Sanglier), but from what I could decipher from the waitress’s accented English and the loud conversation around us…it must have been out. Anyhow, there were exactly three links on the plate surrounding a small mound of cous cous. And that was it. I ended up having some of the Summer Squash Ragout my friend had, which was what must have been most of an acorn squash and a coconut sauce filling.

But overall, the food was tasty and most importantly…the restaurant is BYOB!

So, after many very funny med-student stories, we trekked to the Regal theater on 42nd St. to meet a few of her classmates and watch the new Nicholas Cage movie Knowing. Long story short–and no spoilers either!–I spent three-quarters of the movie curled up against the arm of my seat and the last quarter with my jaw hanging open at the cheesy ending. I officially give this movie 1 1/2 stars. It would have scored higher if it’d kept with the formula it was working with for the first three quarters.

I’m still wondering about what to do tomorrow evening…I wish we all had more time to just hang out and do fun stuff!

Pictures are forthcoming…

For the Foodie:

Ivo & Lulu @ 558 Broome St., NYC