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Tulips, papaya, ramen, ice-cream and friends, Pt. 1

It’s 1AM in the morning and 72 °F.  Talk about unseasonable weather! And May isn’t for another five days!  Thanks to the warm weather, I spent all day yesterday outdoors, hiking the urban trails of New York City and enjoying the sun.

Author in the sun

Hanami–the Japanese tradition of appreciating the yearly cherry tree blooming season (花見)–officially started earlier this month, but because of NYC’s more northern latitude, the whirlwind finale hasn’t quite happened at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, my original destination for today’s excursion.  Due to overly complicated morning ablutions, I made it out of the apartment too late and decided to instead head into Manhatten for some lite window-shopping and the Tulip Festival at the West Side Community Garden.

My first stop was downtown, however.  I’ve been subscribed to Daily Candy for the past couple of months and in this week’s Weekend Guide for NYC the Spring Yard Sale at auto. caught my eye1. I realize that I have a serious weakness for…how shall we put this? Artisanal? Whimsical? Boutique-ish?  Uniquely crafted items. There were these three gorgeous, gorgeous square plates that had drawings of coral on them. But with a price tag of $90 a piece, it was a bit out of the spending range I’d placed on myself for the day2.  But I couldn’t bring myself to leave without some kind of loot and so I picked out three very cute birthday cards from fomato.

Heading uptown on the 1 train with a papaya drink from Papaya King in hand, I got to the Tulip Festival around 2.  I cannot begin to describe how beautiful the tulips in the garden were.  It was breath-taking!  There were  tulips of every shape and color!3

Cherry BlossomsHybrid TulipRed TulipsYellow Lilly Flowering TulipFringed TulipsTulipsPink Lily Flowering Tulips

Alas, the garden is faraway on the Upper West Side, or else I’d go visit it more often!

For the Foodie:

Papaya King @ SW Corner of 7th Ave. & 14th St., NYC w/ various other locations.

  1. I’m a sucker for the words “yard sale”. They get me all excited for rare and curious finds! []
  2. It’s truly a pity I can’t remember who the designer was.  All I can recall was the name “Peter” and a surname that started with an “S”. Oh well. []
  3. Pictures and Pt. 2 to come as soon as I sort through everything on my camera. []