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Tulips, papaya, ramen, ice-cream and friends, Pt. 2

The best part about Saturday’s excursion–friends and ramen! Poor A1 had already eaten soba during the day, but kindly put up with my exuberance for Japanese soup noodles, despite the warm weather.

Salmon Parrot Tulip

After meeting at the Cube in the middle of Astor Place, we walked a short distance to Ippudo NY, just off St. Mark’s Place, where I got myself an incredibly tasty bowl of Akamaru Shin–ramen in thick broth with red miso and slices of Berkshire pork among other vegetables.  I know I was hungry, but it was so good!  Kokuto on the Rocks!Rich soup and QQ ramen noodles…some of the best comfort food in the world!  (And as a side note, we were impatient for a strong cuppa and so, ordered a round of sweet dessert wine to start us off…sweet and full-bodied. I’m surprised my teeth didn’t start hurting with all the sugar in it.)  Dinner ambiance-wise, Ippudo is chic and modern.  Classic ramen-ya practices–loud announcements of guest arrival, food being served, guest departure, thank-you-please-come-again–gives it a whimsical touch, as if it hasn’t forgotten its roots with all its updated decor.  Of course, with all the history behind this particular chain of ramen-ya, forgetting is not likely at all.

Afterwards, J treated us to ice-cream, which we took to this little charming church-like courtyard, which was kind of creepy looking with all the stone slabs set into the ground.2  We borrowed bandwidth from the local unsecured wifi, then walked to Toy Tokyo, home to all sorts of blind box, anime, vinyl & designer Japanese toys.  I think I’ll be going back there again…


Right. So I realize that I haven’t written much about grad school…there hasn’t been much to report besides the massive cleaning and throwing-out-things I’ve been doing. A and I did briefly discuss the existence of proxy servers so that I could update lj from China–which reminds me that I need to get the Nanjing 365 feed added to lj.

I wish there was a Papaya King closer to my apartment.

Papaya King

For the Foodie:

Ippudo NY @ 65 4th Avenue, NYC

  1. Friends shall henceforth be known as “A” and “J” for anonymity. []
  2. But it wasn’t a cemetery.  The slabs had words on it that read something like “George Washington Vault…” []

Sleepless in NYC – Take two!

Right then, let’s try again, shall we? My earlier post was a false start…too much for my poor befuddled head to manage at 3 in the morning.

Morning over Manhatten Bridge

Morning over Manhatten Bridge

So, there I was: Eight hours of sleep, ten hours of work, an hour and a half of hummus, not-sure-how-many-hours of bubble tea and wonderful, wonderful conversation. That’s how my day was spent. It was an earlier than usual start on Friday—things needed to happen in the office. But I didn’t mind, I don’t ever mind. After all, it’s not like I have such an urgent social calendar that work is pushed to a second priority1.

Pickled at Hummus Place

Unlike most Fridays, however, yesterday evening was spent in the very pleasant company of a dear friend over hummus. Good food and good conversation. Discussion drifted from grad school in Nanjing (of course!) to family to childhood memories (how nostalgic! how foolish we were!). And before we knew it, our plans to journey up the East Side to the Asia Society had evaporated2 and we were sitting in Tkettle drinking bubble tea3. More conversation and another change of location took us to the Starbucks on the corner of St. Mark’s.

I want to ride the Snaxi!

I want to ride the Snaxi!

It’s probably a good thing we never made it the Asia Society because we had too much to catch up on! Sadly, I feel this is going to be the trend going forward…

For the Foodie:

Hummus Place @ 109 St. Mark’s Place, NYC
TKettle Drinks @ 26 St. Mark’s Place, NYC

  1. But then, I do have the tendency to put an ungodly amount of devotion into the jobs I hold. The mantra goes like this in my head: You are the Company. The Company is You. The Company sinks. And so do You. Make the Company better. Make Yourself better. []
  2. Manhattan is deceptive. It may be situated 22.96 sq. mi. piece of land, but it takes forever to get from place to place. All that subway traffic, you know? []
  3. TKettle has very typical Manhattan prices for bubble tea. $3.75 for a regular I think? They do have a bonus card that allows one to get a free regular sized drink for free after you’ve bought seven. I particularly like their Plum Oolong flavor and my friend told me their Jasmine Milk did not disappoint. []